Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes from Hamburg

Ok here goes, got my first post out of the way. Now i can get better, everyday I pass the same German gas station , for example at 11:30 the price for a liter of petrol was 136, i worked out, another blog to come about that, and came home at 13:30, that's 1:30 for the other side of the world. Well the price of gas or petrol was now 131, that's weird, but no its that way all day long changing the price at any moment, not only that one station but everyone of them in the hole country. So now like a gambler checking the scores of his game i check my petrol prices, should i buy long or wait till tomorrow , may by it will bottom out, its very exciting for me, i know im useless but its what i got, cant watch basketball, but im sure there a Fussball game on. Sorry lost my self there, where was I oh gas, so when i first pointed this out to my wife Katrin, she had'nt noticed this, shes from here, this totally blew me away, asked why this goes on, she replied that's how it is, another total what, well that's just the way it is, whats the problem, where do i begin honey, mayby here we are getting ripped off. No the stations would'nt do that, ok honey lets go home and wait for Santa. When I asked some friends at a party about it they had the same answer, so for now i watch the dollar to the euro and the gas prices at the station, God i hope I get sattelite Tv soon, have a good day jptalkhouse, cheers

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