Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's snowing again?

Ok i've had it with snow and ice. It has been snowing here in Hamburg since 8 in the morning, this can't be, my trusty MSN weather for Hamburg said 4 C thats abot 36 degrees in the USA, Ok not so bad because i have my tri annual case of broncitis, and should not go out any way. But what do i spy on the internet this morgan, oh morning, my german is top notch, my favorit reggae singer is coming to Hamburg, Gentleman,  so i want to go get tickets, will i be able to drive. So you know they dont use salt here, its a mix doesnt do a whole lot , Our little road has been a ice road worthy of the show Ice truckers, its like being Bodie Miller in the slalom, pick the right rut or spin out. Katrin my lovely wife , when asked about why they dont salt the road, it's illegal, so i asked why cant i buy salt and spread it on or walk, you can buy it but you cant use it, no lie word for word. So honey i could buy a ton of road salt but not use it, this correct, moments like these i just think of the gas prices, discused in my last blog, get used to it James. So its stopped snowing, and I see a guy spreading some sand about. only on the footpaths , ok its a start wish me luck im off to the big citiy

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